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We all know the old saying, even though we might not know how to apply it to a story to share.  Here at Londonderry we are blessed with an abundance of bird life. Our lives are enriched when we stop to smell the roses and then stop to peer into a nest with newly hatched, open-mouthed, ugly little beggars.  Only a mother could love these featherless nestlings, and Mother Nature has taken care of that.

Walking to and from the Community Center for lunch, dinner, meetings, entertainments, exercise classes, quiz time, bridge and mahjongg competitions, etc., I have become aware of a slightly different slant on “birds of a feather.” In each cottage and apartment there lives a resident/residents with a unique life story/stories. Each time we come together there is an opportunity to learn, compare and share these stories.

Recently, on the Memorial Day weekend, a display board was set up in the lobby of the Community Center, with an array of pictures of the veterans among our population. There were the faces of forty men and three women who had served in the armed forces of our country.

There is a good chance that the preponderance of Americans of our vintage have spouses, siblings and other relatives and friends who answered the call but are no longer with us. They came to the defense of citizens or our own and other countries. We honor them and the sacrifices they made.

In a slightly skewed sense, we all know some of the members of the “greatest generation,” these “birds of a feather,” who “flocked together” in a common cause, a cause greater than any individual among us.  Let us ask them to share their stories with us.

By: Florence Thompson